“LOST” in Hawaii on Ohau’s North Shore

21 Aug

(My fifth favorite part of Hawaii.)

My husband is a LOST fanatic.  Yes, he is one of those people who watches the series over and over again to revel in every single aspect of it.   I liked LOST, but it got a bit too much for me.  I just could not suspend my disbelief when it came to that Smoke Monster.

However, when he told me he wanted to go to the North Shore of Ohau and see some of the places where LOST was filmed, I had to agree to get lost in the memories of LOST.  I hired a private tour guide, Josh, who did just that.  Luckily, Josh was also a LOST fanatic who lives on the North Shore, so finding the spots was easy!


Nu’uanu Pali Lookout has beautiful views of the islands windward coast.

After leaving Honolulu and seeing a few sites along the way, including the Nu’uanu Pali Lookout, with its magnificent views of the windward coast, we made it to the North Shore.  Although Nu’uanu Pali Road and the Lookout were not part of the filming of LOST, the overlook was a great place to see the areas where the show was filmed.

First stop on the North Shore was getting a to-go lunch at a great little restaurant.  Josh then took us to our first LOST spot, Mokule’a Beach, where the first season of LOST was filmed,including all the beach scenes and the plane crash.

We sat on a log and made believe we were Lost as we ate our lunch and watched the beach goers swim and enjoy the surf.  We also watched groups of tourists come to visit the site, just as we had.   We spent time walking the beach, while my husband tried to figure out where certain scenes were filmed.  I took photos and had a great time just enjoying the lovely scenery and the ocean breezes.

By the way, the scenes with the Smoke Monster were also filmed on the beach, but looking inland.  I took a few photos, but not sure if I got the exact location.


The Waialua Sugar Mill. This building is now a soap factory. It was part of the Nigerian Village.

Then we took off for our next stop, an old sugar mill, Waialua Sugar Mill.  It now has a surf board shop and the North Shore Soap Factory.  While there I enjoyed watching soap being made and buying an assortment of locally made soaps as gifts.  We also visited the surf board shop where Josh explained the sport of surfing to us.  He used to be a professional surfer, and still goes every day.

Why is this spot so important?  Well it was the sited of Mr. Eko’s Nigerian Village.  That cone shaped building was also in LOST.   As my husband figure out each spot…not on his own, he actually was using a website to match the spot with its LOST identity… his excitement increased.   Did I tell you he was a LOST fanatic!

From there we went to a lovely lookout point next to a nature preserve where the Nene, the state bird of Hawaii, nest.  The road is closed, and you must walk in to the preserve.


Close to the YMCA Camp. Looking toward the preserve for the Nene birds. The camp is to the left down the main road.

But the most important part of going to this preserve and lookout point, is that it is on the same road as the YMCA Camp Erdman.  In fact, we passed the camp on the way to the preserve.  Our guide actually went to this camp as a boy.  It is still a summer camp, and we could see campers from the road.  But for LOST fans it is something more.  It is the home of the Dharma Initiative.  It is the site of the Barracks, the village of the others, and the Dharma Processing Center, which is the camp’s Assembly Hall.  Since we only saw it as we drove past, camp was in session, I have no photos.

That ended our LOST location tour.  Unfortunately, we did not have time to see any more, as my request was to see sites of Hawaiian culture. (See blog about the birthing stones.).  And we had to get to the airport for our return flight to the mainland. We had planned to go to the Byodo-In Temple,  but did not have the time.

Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit.  Getting lost in the fanatic world of LOST fans was just fine, because even though I am not a LOST fanatic, the sites are so stunningly beautiful.  Aloha.


For those interested, this is the website we used to find LOST locations:   https://www.tripsavvy.com/filming-locations-for-abc-lost-1533555


2 Responses to ““LOST” in Hawaii on Ohau’s North Shore”

  1. Amy August 21, 2018 at 9:49 pm #

    I never watched Lost at all. But it sure looks beautiful there!

    • zicharon August 21, 2018 at 9:55 pm #

      It was beautiful. We really enjoyed this trip.

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