My Premonition Came True: It is a Royals – Mets World Series!

24 Oct

In August I had a premonition. I was visiting my sister in New Jersey. My sister is a rabid Mets fan. In fact, she and her children and some friends have held Mets season tickets for over 20 years.

I, on the other hand, although I love the Mets and also grew up in New Jersey, am now a citizen of the Kansas City metro area, and so am a Royals fan. Although I do not have season tickets, I do go at least once a year and watch games on television.

Baseball is actually my favorite team sport. Although people sometimes get hurt, usually it is unintentional …not counting that one nasty play that hurt the Mets player.   I like sitting and watching and cheering and eating peanuts and popcorn and fries and frozen lemonade.

We have a friend who has traveled to almost all the ballparks in the USA. He has stayed with us twice to go to Royals Stadium. First just to see it, then he came back to see our wonderful remodeled stadium.   Going to the game with him is always fun. He is a human computer of baseball facts.

But, I digress, back to the Worlds Series. My sister thought I was dreaming. But I felt secure in my vision. It would be a Royals/Mets World Series.   Slowly my vison came true. Both the Mets and the Royals won their division titles.  Step one accomplished.  People were not beginning to believe me.

There was a little drama in my life as the St. Louis Cardinals also won their division. My husband is from St. Louis. His family are ardent Cardinal fans. So while I was happy for them that they won the division, I knew they would not advance. My vision was set. The Mets and the Royals all the way.

Then the Cubs were in mix. I feel for the Cubs and for their fans. For over 100 years, they have not won a title. We have many family and friends who are also from Chicago and love their losing Cubs. Although I love them, I knew the Cubs would not win.  It would be Mets and Royals all the way!

I was sure.

As for the Toronto Blue Jays. well I like Canada. My daughter’s fiancé is Canadian. And I like the color blue. I did notice from the beginning that all four teams that advanced had blue in their team colors. So I knew it would be a blue series. Blue, my favorite color! But I knew it could not be the Blue Jays. I was sure.

I was so sure, I called my sister and said, “Send me a Mets shirt as soon as possible. I want to wear both shirts when I go to a World Series Game. Being the good sister that she is. She took my niece and purchased a Mets Division Winner t-shirt and sent it to me express mail.

Now I am set. I have my Mets shirt. I have my Royals gear.   For six games I will be rooting for both teams. I am pretty sure it will be a seven game series!

And I will go to at least one game. I have friends with season tickets. And one of my best friends in the world has promised to take me to a game. She and her husband will not let me down.

Game seven will be the difficult game. One of my t-shirts will have to come off. Mets? Royals? It is a difficult decision. But although the Mets have been a part of my life since I was a child, I made a commitment when I moved to Kansas. Go Royals!

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