Magic is Coming to Our Home!

30 Jan

Magic is coming to our home!

It has been almost six months since my loving female cat, Mystique “Misty” passed away. Although we have a large male cat to keep us company, the loss of Misty was devastating.

It took me a while to get over this loss, even though I have had my pets pass away before. Somehow the loss of Misty was difficult for both my husband and me, as well as for our adult children.

Our son already had his own cat, Jinx, when Misty passed away. But our daughter, who was the closest to Misty, could not get another cat even though she has not lived at home for years. Once Misty passed, my daughter and her significant other went to a animal shelter and found their Castiel. They rescued a kitten who was blind in one eye and needed a loving home, which they have provided.

For me, I could not find it in my heart to bring home another cat. I thought having one cat was enough.

But my cat was not happy. He has been so lonely since our Misty died. He follows me everywhere. He needs to be held constantly. He wants to groom me. Waking up in the middle of the night to a cat licking your eyelid is not good.

So about two weeks ago I started looking at the Wayside Waif website to see what cats were available. No cats made my heart leap. Until yesterday, There on the website was a unusually colored 6-month old kitten named, Magic!

Today I called the shelter to see if Magic was still there. (It is not open on Tuesday.) And Magic was there!!! So I went to meet her and see if we could get along. This little creature was so scared. She had only been in the shelter for a week, having come from another shelter.

I spent 45 minutes with her and decided, “Yes!” I needed to bring Magic home. I put her on hold. Sent photos of her to my son, daughter and husband. We all agreed.

It was perfect. My cat , who passed away, was Mistique, this kitten was Magic. My husband actually does magic. So for once, I am not even planning to change this kitten’s name. Like in the Xanadu Magic song:

“You have to believe we are magic

Nothin’ can stand in our way”

Yesterday my son went with me to the animal shelter, Wayside Waifs. We adopted Magic! We took her directly to our vet at Cherokee Animal Clinic. She is a perfectly healthy and happy kitten. She is friendly and good natured, if course she is with me. But he still wants her isolated from our other cat for 10 days.

And then we brought Magic back to our home!


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