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4 Nov

I decided that this November I would start writing again, sharing my opinions and ideas about life.  I did this for nine years as a commentary writer for the Leawood/Blue Valley Neighborhood News section of the Kansas City Star.  And since I have stopped, there have often been times when I said…I should write about that.  But there was no where to publish my essay.  Today, I start anew with my own blog site.

What do I have to offer?   I am a schmoozer and a writer.  I love people.  I love to watch people. I love to talk to people.  I volunteer.  I work.  I parent.  I interact with the world.  And the world as I see it is often happy and funny.   Yes, I have been through difficult times, as have many.  But I always seem to be able to find something happy in the world.  

I do not agree with the “yes, but” people, who always seem to see the negative in what happens.  For me the world is yes, but for the positive.   During a difficult 18 month period when my family suffered the loss of many loved ones, I thought I lost my happiness.  It was a struggle, but I realized life needs to be lived for joy.   And that is how I live.  I look for the joy in the moment and the happiness to share.

Giving makes me happy.   I love buying gifts.  Even though my children are adults,  I find a way to be in the children’s toys and clothes departments….because I adopt a child for the holidays.  Going through the store, finding just the right gifts, brings me joy. Then for moments I can forget any sadness.

So for my blog I will try to show my view on the world…a little slanted…but I hope joyful, fun and insightful.  I named my Blog for memories.  But it will not be memories that are always from the past, instead it will be memories that come each day. Events I want to remember. The photo shows a day I always wish to remember, the last family event when we were altogether.  Before the sadness came.   I love to focus on the happy.

 So Lara…here is my first blog post.  Thank you!Image

One Response to “Joyful, Fun and Insightful blogs”

  1. Vicki November 6, 2013 at 4:04 am #

    well then… dear longest time friend that I love so……you will have to fit your yorklit yundays into this blog at some point…….and you are forever in my heart ❤

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